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When our Clergy are there with you during a lifecycle event you will receive a personal touch and a meaningful moment for you and your family.  They will be there for you before, during and after the life cycle event. Each Baby naming or wedding is personalized and brings in the whole family. Every funeral or unveiling reflects the beauty and comfort that comes from our Jewish tradition. Being part of a congregational family means celebrations are elevated and difficult times are made more bearable.

To schedule an appointment with Rabbi Engel please contact Clergy Assistant, Annie Hernandez, or 407-645-0444


Congregants are welcome to bring their child for a naming blessing at a Friday night service or a special baby naming ceremony can be done in their home.  We personalize each ceremony, as every individual is unique and special.Parents are welcome to consult with Rabbi Engel on the selection of an appropriate Hebrew name for a child whenever this information is required, either pending a birth or any time thereafter.

Circumcision (B’rit Mila)

Members and non-members are welcome to speak to Rabbi Engel and consult with Rabbi Israel J. Barzak, Florida Mohel Specialist. Together they will create an appropriate and meanigful ceremony for you and your family. Rabbi Barzak will speak to you on the facts about ritual circumcision and to schedule the B’rit Mila (especially when there is reason to postpone beyond the eighth day).  Contact Rabbi Barzak


Members of the Congregation may invite Rabbi Engel to officiate at their Jewish wedding ceremonies, in a venue selected by the celebrants and their families (subject to the Clergy availability).

Speaking of Weddings, Note That . . .

  • Please notify the congregation when a member of your family becomes engaged, so we can have the opportunity to extend our congratulations and to make your happiness known to the CRJ Family.
  • It is important to consult with Clergy before scheduling a wedding, for information about their availability and questions about the Jewish calendar.


Everyone in the community is invited to come to the bima to receive the Congregation’s congratulatory blessings on the occasion of their wedding anniversary, and especially a significant anniversary. It is a mitzvah to celebrate!


Everyone is welcome to consult with Rabbi Engel for information about giyur (conversion) or to undertake a course of study leading to formal entry into the Jewish faith. The Rabbi asks that those interested in conversion attend services and participate in the programs and events at CRJ in addition to meeting with him.



Members’ children who are near their 13th birthday (by either the Jewish or civil calendar), and who have completed the requisite educational requirements, are eligible to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah. Read more about CRJ’s B’nai Mitzvah program

Death and Mourning

Members of the Congregation impacted by the catastrophic illness and possibly impending death of a parent, sibling, child or spouse may call upon CRJ Clergy or the Hospital Visitation Committee for visitation in the hospital, hospice, or nursing home, to provide support and comfort.  Rabbi Engel will help the family plan for, and to officiate at, funeral or memorial service.

Shiv’a (first week of grieving)

CRJ members offer support in conducting in-home memorial services daily during the initial week following the burial of a parent, sibling, child or spouse. Everyone in the community who is in mourning may join us for the minyan or at a Friday evening or Shabbat morning worship. We are happy to share a spiritual hug and include the name of the departed family member or friend in that week’s Kaddish listing.

Sh’loshim (first month of grieving)

Members of the Congregation and non-members in the community who are in mourning are welcome to attend Friday evening and/or Shabbat morning worship services for the full year, until the first yahrzeit. Those who cannot come every Shabbat should pick a regular schedule (e.g., the second Shabbat of the month).


Members of the Congregation may call upon the CRJ Clergy to conduct a ceremony dedicating the gravestone of a loved one or to create a ceremony when family members choose to conduct their own observance.


Everyone in the community is welcome to memorialize their loved ones by sponsoring a tribute page in each year’s Congregational “Yizkor” book and/or a permanent memorial plaque in the Sanctuary. For more information contact Julie Begani, or 407-645-0444.

To schedule an appointment with Rabbi Engel please contact Clergy Assistant, Annie Hernandez, or 407-645-0444

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